Umbraco 4.0.3 正式版本(已修正)

Umbraco 4.0.3 源码可以下载了,本站提供的源码包修正了在 中文或英文环境下无法编译的问题。请访问以下地址下载




CMS API参考手册:

Openx High performance simple cluster based on Nginx, lighttpd/apache

Disclaimer : Please notices this document will help you for configuring an simple highperformance cluster for hosting Openx services. This article is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-No ncommercial 2.5 India .Please don't copy and paste the configurations to your server if it is not the hardware that mentioned in the hardware requirements.


Thoughts tips for creating umbraco packages

I’ve created my share ofumbraco packages and thought I’d try to share some tips/insights.

Creating packages is easy, the built-in package creator makes it super simple and with package actions you can perform additional common tasks (like updating the xsltextensions) without having to write a single line of code.

解决安装maven for eclipse插件后,eclipse启动时警告错误

When using the Maven plugin for Eclipse if you get the following message :


The Maven Integration requires that Eclipse be running in a JDK, because a   number of Maven core plugins are using jars from the JDK.  Please make sure the -vm option in eclipse.ini is pointing to a JDK and verify  that Installed JREs are also using JDK installs.

Displaying a random image/banner on your umbraco site

First some info on the setup:

After installing runway to get a basic site up and running I created a folder in the media section and added several images


On my homepage document type I added a ‘media picker’ property called ‘Pictures’. There I’ll select the media picture folder.


All that’s left now is to write some xslt that will select a random image from the media folder.

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>


解决UCenter Access denied for agent changed错误

discuz 论坛的短消息打开出现Access denied for agent changed,登录的时候也提示了这个错误。


Access denied for agent changed解决方法:
2.检查里define('UC_APPID', '1')里的ID。这个ID表明在uc里指定应用程序的应用id为1,uc使用应用来整合各个产品.把这个ID值和UC中的ID值保持一致。
修改了这两处后,Access denied for agent changed提示就消失了。


Why Umbraco rocks - alternative templates

The main building blocks of umbraco are as you know document types and templates. When creating a document types the umbraco interface will give you the options to also create a templates that is then setup as the default template on that document type. If you open up the details of a document types you’ll be able to see the ‘allowed templates’ part on the info tab.