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Another config file (check for /config/Dashboard.config) that can be found in the /config folder of umbraco is the xslExtensions.config.

This file can be used to setup custom xslt extensions.

If you are not familiar with xslt extensions here is a brief intro:

With xslt extensions you can call static .net methods from xslt.

When editing an xslt file and inserting a value.

Resurrecting umbdashboard part 1: Zip Upload, bulk upload files to the media section of umbraco

Umbdashboard which can be found on codeplex is a collection of handy umbraco dashboard controls (some info on dashboard). But it’s an old project developed for a previous version of umbraco. So I’ve started porting these to umbraco v4. First up is zip upload.

创建自定义的数据类型 - Creating custom umbraco datatypes

A couple of months ago I did a blog post about Creating custom datatypes using the umbraco usercontrol wrapper , I mentioned in that post that there was also an other way of creating a custom datatype. So in this post I’ll try to show you how to create a datatype using the 3 classes way. One of the main differences between this approach and the wrapper is that you’ll be able to have settings for your datatype.

Converting Linebreaks

When using the textbox multiple datatype in umbraco you might want to convert the linebreaks into html <br> tags. This can be done just by checking a checkbox in the insert umbraco field dialog when inserting a field on your template. Just look for the convert linebreaks checkbox.