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How to

Umbraco debugging made easy

This post will show you how to debug umbraco macros, with the click of a browser button.

When you need to debug your macros, either xslt or usercontrols you do this by appending some text to the querystring on the page you need to debug.  The most important for me is ?umbDebugShowTrace=true it shows you the build in stack trace from the .NET framework. You can use this if your macro shows/throws an error, in the trace you can see exactly what went wrong in your xslt- or usercontrol macro. The other one is ?umbDebug=true which will show you what is injected into your macro.



Using .NET User Controls

此视频演示如何使用umbraco宏快速整合ASP.NET用户控件到umbraco CMS中。


How to Install CWS for Umbraco CMS

本视频演示了CWS(Creative Website Starter)在Umbraco CMS下的安装。

CWS是一个基于Umbraco实现的一个企业网站包,对快速熟悉Umbraco CMS有着相当大的帮助,强烈建议对Umbrco感兴趣的朋友安装使用。

创建自定义的数据类型 - Creating custom umbraco datatypes

A couple of months ago I did a blog post about Creating custom datatypes using the umbraco usercontrol wrapper , I mentioned in that post that there was also an other way of creating a custom datatype. So in this post I’ll try to show you how to create a datatype using the 3 classes way. One of the main differences between this approach and the wrapper is that you’ll be able to have settings for your datatype.